I'm nice. Simple. Easy chick. I'm good to be with. I like to have a friend whose abilities are the same as mine. Once you've become one of my friends, you'll be treasured deep down. I DON'T LIKE BEING FOOLED. No one wants to b fooled! Yep. And dont ever try to Coz if you do, you'll be sorry. Im a Harry Potter lover. Not really but i do. :) I like dancing a lot! Though when i was so young i used to have a beautiful voice (they said). Hahaha . Btw, my parents have separated. And FYI, they have their different families. Right now, i'm residing in my granees in my mother's and father's side. Well, as an observation, I found myself moody. I don't know why, when, and how but i am. Though my friends and classmates oftentimes see me LMAO, i have pains and heartaches that they don't know. Above all, i am a Christian. I really love my God!ü the THiNGS u HATE about me are the THiNGS that made me TRUE !!! PART OF WHO i REALLY AM .. sO its better that you HATE me for WHO i AM , than LiKe me for being sum1 who i pretend 2 BE . !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :') that will be all. Additional infos may vary. :D


Huwebes, Nobyembre 10, 2011
me and my bes :)

May isang anak na gustong iligaw ang kanyang ama sa gubat dahil sa sakit nitong wala nang lunas at pagod na rin siyang mag-alaga dito, Ipinasan niya ang kanyang Ama hanggang makarating sa kasulukan ng Gubat, ngunit napansin niya na pinuputol ng kanyang Ama ang bawat sanga ng Punong madaanan nila, tanong nang Anak kung bakit niya ginagawa ito?, sagot ng Ama

–”Pinuputol ko ang sanga dahil ayaw kong maligaw ka sa pag uwi mo anak”.

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